Our family run business was founded on family values and principles which we have always tried to uphold and inculcate into the next generation, going forward.

As you may have read, our history sums it up very well, in the way the company has grown and expanded over the years. The same core strengths of resilience and fortitude are still prevalent today. Our customers know that once we have agreed to a schedule of manufacture, the entire Simtom staff are committed to deliver a quality product, on budget, and on time.

Our strong family bonds have defined the strength of this company. I am delighted to welcome my son Bhavin onto the board of Simtom, as the new Managing Director. His wife Jyoti is the Operations Director and runs a very disciplined ship.

The long-standing client base bears ample testimony to the loyalty and trust afforded us over so many years by so many of our valued customers. The expansion and growth of this company has been fueled by innovation in our kitchens and the delivery of a service that is second to none in the business.

Jai Chandarana