Innovation defines a company’s commitment to present something different to the ordinary, run-of-the-mill product, and thereby remain ahead of the competition.

Simtom Foods have always been at the forefront of innovation and technological development, in leading the way with the introduction of memorable brands like ‘Restaurant Style’, which presented a fusion of classic Indian dishes, combined with the ‘pre-war’ tastes that arrived on UK shores during the 40’s. Many of our Restaurant Style products have won Great Taste Awards in the past.

This trend to innovate and create has now evolved into exotic tastes like; Tomato & Vodka Soup, Ambient Microwavable Soup Pouches, Stir Fry Sachets, Microwavable Pasta Sauce Pots and many more. With an investment of over £1m in state of the art technology, there is ample capability to bring your product to life.

An important part of the innovation process is how a product is perceived by the customer; its immediate look and appeal. The prime ‘battleground’ is the retail shelf, where your product will either be instantly grabbed or passed by for a more appealing brand. Our R&D kitchen is currently developing new and exciting ways of using pouches, tubs and sachets to make your products look exciting and deliver maximum impact on the retail shelf.